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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  April 26, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the nba says it's investigating tonight after an audiotape as released that has the l.a. clippers' opener facing accusations of racism. thank you for opening us, i'm ama daetz. we begin with developing news. a tape obtained by tmz is believed to have a recording of los angeles clippers' owner donald sterling, telling his girlfriend not to bring black people to his games. nick smith is live at oracle arena where the clippers play tomorrow. the story continues to snowball. reporter: it does.
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the nba says they're in the process of authenticating the recording, calling the comments both offensive and disturbing. >> people call you and tell you i have black people on my instagram, and it bothers you. >> yes, it bothers me a lot. if you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people. you have to? >> you associate with black people. >> i'm not you and you're not me. you're supposed to be a delicate wife or delicate latino girl. >> she is a black' mexican descent and posted a picture of evers with magic johnson on ina gram. an act that angered material. >> you can do anything but don't put it out for the world to see and they call me. and don't bring him to my games. >> the photo of johnson has been removed from instagram but the conversation is causing an uproar. magic johnson responded:
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>> the clippers play the warriors tomorrow at oracle arena. coach jackson responded to fire storm. >> up fortunate and disappointing. i don't think there's anyplace in society for statements like that. >> material bought the clippers in 1981. the longest tenured owner the nba. >> material -- sterling has been involved in several lawsuits including ones with discrimination accusation in 2009 he agreed to pay almost three million dollars to settle allegations he refused to rent apartments to blacks, hispanics, and families with children. in oakland, nick smith, abc7 news. clippers' president andy roser released a statement: mr. sterling is emphatic that what is reflected on the recording is not consistent with, nor does it reflect his views, beliefs or feelings. it's the antithesis of who he is
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and. roser claims that the tape was released in retaliation for a lawsuit brought by the sterling family, alleging she embezzled more than $1.8 million. >> the warriors take on the clippers in game four of the nba playoffs tomorrow afternoon at 12:30 right here on abc7, followed by after the game with live postgame interviews and highlights. some much-needed rain is coming our way again. looking outside from the sutro camera, towards the golden gate bridge, pleasant. winds are picking up. let's get the latest from abc7 meteorologist frances dinglasan. >> right now live doppler 7hd is getting a little break but things will pick up this evening. it will be busier. to the north we're seeing lying rainfall around eureka and this is going to start to move in tonight overnight. i'll let you know how much to
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expect and when. i want to show you another beautiful live shot. clouds showing the front coming our way. temperatures in the 60s. and i want to talk about a big warmup where some of the numbers will be in the low 90s this week, and that's coming up with my accuweather seven-day forecast. a late season storm is bringing more snow to the sierra. this is from lake tahoe, leanly mountain. -- heavenly mountain. the tahoe area is expecting another storm today. caltrans cameras show the pro-snow but the roads are clear and there are no rain requiremented on 80 or 50. follow us on twitter for the latest weather,.
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a tragic story out of del valley regional park near livermore. a 23-year-old suicidal mother has stabbed her child to death after trying to kill herself. they haven't said when this happened or what type of weapon was involved. lisa amin gulezian is on her way to the scene. we'll have a live report at 6:00. and our coverage continues now on twitter at abc7 news bay area. in the south bay, investigators say speed and alcohol are likely factors in a crash that killed two people. happened just before 2:00 this morning in menlo park. the chp says the driver of a toyota sedan was driving too fast when she exited the will low road offramp from southbound 101 and crashed into trees. the woman driving and her male passenger died at the scene. the search is on tonight for a driver who hit and killed a pedestrian in oakland. police say the man was hit around 7:30 this morning while walking on telegraph avenue near
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51st street. the driver then drove off. at it unknown if the man was in a crosswalk when he was struck. the unidentified victim appears to be a man in his late 60s. there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the driver's arrest. a morning walk turned into a near death experience for a dog in oakland. the two-year-old blood hound suffered a severe shock when it stepped on the pg&e sidewalk grate that had a live current flowing through it. we're live with an update on how the dog is doing today. tiffani? reporter: the dog, mickey, stepped on this grate 6:30 yesterday morning. immediately started howling and yelping in pain. his owner says he pass pair ride and wasn't until a good samaritan came out that mickey was shoved off the grate. today the dog has returned home after spending the night at the vet, about his opener says he is
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not the same dog she raised for two years. the bloodhound used to be a rascal. getting into everything. now he is subdued, quiet, hardly lifting his head from the floor. pg&e released a statement saying, quote, our preliminary investigation shows that someone outside pg&e may have illegally accessed our equipment, resulting in an onsafe situation. we'll conduct a full investigation. now, pg&e has offered to cover the $3,000 veterinary bill but she done think that's enough. >> they can't bring old mickey back. no amount of money can fix that. they have caused untold emotional damage to me, my family, and to my dog. okay? and, fine, i'll welcome your payment of my vet bill, but doesn't fix it. reporter: as you can see, this grate has been fixed. it's now safe to the touch.
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mickey is supposed to be on rest for three weeks. vets are hopeful he will return back to normal, but she is not optimistic. in oakland, abc7 news. let's hope he does improve. thank you. president obama is in malaysia today. the third stop on this trip to the asian pacific region. this is the first time in almost a half century that an american president has been to malaysia. the president toasted their vitality and culture and said the u.s. and malaysia treasure the same values. >> we all share basic human aspirations, to live in dignity and peace, to shape our own destiny, to be able to make a living and work hard and support a family. president obama will enter into trade and defense talks as malaysia officials tomorrow. on monday he heads for the philippines. the bay area is still
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celebrating earth day. see how ahead. reduced to a pile of rubble. what happened just moments before a house was flattened. also, why thousands of the chaffing catholic faithful got kicked out of the vatican st. peter square hours before an historic cannonnization to two popes. >> go to and click on the watch abc logo to find out how to access. you can search watch abc in your app store and watch all your favorite an shows live or on demand on your mobile device.
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[woman] oh my god! [everyone laughter,crying]
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a house reduced to a pile of rubble. take a look at this scene in a chicago suburb. investigators believe a natural gas leak may have caused the blast last night that leveled this home, damaged several others. the utility company was in the area investigating a call on a gas odor. no reported of injuries. >> tens of thousands of catholic pilgrims are gathering in rome and around the world today in anticipation of sunday's unpress depend canonization of two popes inch vatican city, where it's sunday morning, people have been pushed out of st. peter's square so it can be cleaned for the event. in poll land, people are arriving to places linked to pope john paul ii who was priest and bishop in the stiff -- city before being called to rome.
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>> the two popes who changed the church the most. something that is timeless being brought to life before our very eyes. retired pope benedict xvi will be on hand to help. benedict resigned from the papacy a year ago. and this is a live look at the vatican. st. peter's square, going on right now in rome. you can see a lot of people are out there waiting for this big event to happen. next, getting down and dirty for earth day. plus, a small step that is leading to a big change. the local event helping more than a billion babies born in california every year. heading live outside, big changes ahead in the forecast, meteorologist frances dinglasan is tracking some wet weather and summer
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volunteers pitched in and got their hand really dirty today as part of oakland reside earth day event. this filter was filthy. the lake merritt officials say they appreciate the help specially two to three thousand pounds of garbage pulled from the lake every month. they have a problem with cigarette butts bus they're hard to pick up josh hundreds of people artist pated in the march of dimes march for babies. our traffic reporter emceed the event. mike nico took part. the march of dimes programs have an impact on half a million babies in california every year. more than 53,000 people were expected to take partner march
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this area and raise more than $9 million. >> it was a pretty pleasant day for that, albeit a little breezy. frances dinglasan is here to tell us what is ahead for our weather. >> definitely brisk as well. live doppler 7hd picking up cloud cover. it will get busy tonight. we'll start to see light rainfall this evening. here's a beautiful view as we look out from the east bay hills towards the bay. we see some low clouds, high clouds moving in. current temperatures in the 50s to 60s. 55 in san francisco. 59 in oakland. san jose, 61. gilroy, 62. a lot cooler than normal today. another shot, looking at blue could i over the bay, and treasure island there, and we'll see more clouds move in, accept rosa, currently at 60. napa, 58. petaluma, 57. fairfield, 61. another shot to enjoy, this time looking north towards the golden gate bridge and the ma rein --
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marin headlands. we have light rain moving in tonight, continuing into sunday morning. the afternoon looks okay with possibly a spotty shower. a major warmup next week, we're talks numbers into the 90s. so we have this cold front. that's already starting to bring light rain through washington and oregon, and here is how the forecast model plays out. show you the animation. we have the front moving in. so by 11:00 tonight, cloud cover, some rain along the coast can. west of santa rosa and north of cloverdale, and then the front passes through, mainly overnight. but we will wake up to some wet weather tomorrow morning. look for light rainfall all around the bay, from vallejo, san francisco, along the peninsula. see areas of slightly darker green, but all in all won't amount to too much. by tomorrow, lunchtime, partly cloudy conditions, and we could still see a shower pop up here
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and there in the afternoon hours, but mostly dry for all of us, with just cloudy weather, and also lows tonight, fairly uniform. we'll be in the 50s and upper 40s. 51 in san francisco, 49 in san rafael. 48 in napa, and look for light rain as well overnight. 50 in san jose. tomorrow, we're going to get a little bit of a warmup as we see some afternoon sunshine. so should be more comfortable and temperatures will be coming up a few degrees in many locations. san francisco, 60. still cool along the coast. 57 in half moon bay, and we'll see low 60s around the bay. 66 in san jose. up to 70 degrees inland. now, here is the temperature trend i wanted to tell you about. look for a major warmup. here's an example in livermore, the average temperature is 71 for this time of year. check out how high it's going to be. wednesday, thursday, in the 90s, and then cool down again,
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but looks like we'll be above average starting on monday everywhere. tons of sunshine. so at least we still get the chance of rain into tomorrow morning, because we can certainly use it before all the dry weather heads our way, and above average numbers. >> all right. thank you so much. >> shu is here with sports and unfortunately a distraction. >> the warriors and clippers have enough on their plate, trying to win their playoff series, and now clippers owner under
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warriors and clippers face off in game four tomorrow with the clippers leading the series 2-1. but a major distraction today for the l.a. clippers. as we reported, tmz has acquired an audio recording of a conversation with a man identified as clippers owner donald sterling, and his girlfriend, where he reportedly made racist comments. today clippers' head coach doc river responded. >> i don't know if i'm surprised or not. i didn't like the comment, obviously. i'll tell you now i'm speaking on behalf of the team, so the players are not going to deal with this issue. we had a great team meeting this morning about it. a lot of guys voiced their opinions. none of them were happy about it. this is a situation where we're trying to go after something very important for us, something that we have all dreamed about all our childhoods, and donald or anyone else had nothing to do
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with that dream and we're not going to let anything get in the way. >> i don't think this will be a distraction for the players and the league office is investigating. this may be new nba commissioner adam silver's first major decision. stay tuned. sharks and kings face off in game five tonight at the tanks. sharks up 3-1 in the series. a win tonight, san jose moves on. lose, go back to l.a. for game six on ms.. sharks not happy with their effort in their loss, and coach likes their attitude. >> that simple fact make me feel good. we weren't good enough last game. so it's an opportunity that is in front of us here on our home ice. we want to make good on it. 60 years ago this season, the new york giant beat the cleveland indians for their world series tiedle. today the cleveland and giants back at it. fans treated with replica world
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series rings. in 4-2/3 innings, nick swisher brings home a run. then timmy loads the bases and hunter pence grounds under the glove of kipnis. giants with the 4-3 lead. then buster posey ads a solo bomb. giants look to complete the sweep tomorrow with the 5-3 victory. >> right now just was mentally aloof to things i wanted to do i had my game plan but wasn't executing it and things going right. >> when you get an opportunity, get a pitch are in an inning where he has thrown a lot of pitches, it's awesome to find a way to get a hit. so, we did that. a's in houston where they scored 22 runs in two wins
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against the astro. two more in the first. coco crisp, trotting home. but the astros take the lead in the second. former a, chris carter, the two-run bomb, right now, the astros are up 3-2 in the fourth. complete highlights coming up. >> today's nba playoff game is at 6:00. and cal football with our spring game. see you then. our one restaurant thinks you can put just about anything in a taco, so it's going to give it a try. mexican food with a marks. go! it's chaos out there. but the m-class sees in your blind spot, pulls you back into your lane, even brakes all by itself. it's almost like it couldn't crash... even if it tried.
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coming up at 6:00. we'll have a live report on breaking news after a mother is accused of killing her child at a public park. >> facebook helps design a police station near its headquarters. look how it's different from the usual cop shop. join us at 6:00. a popular mexican fast-food change is serving up something different, taco bell. the taco bar will have tasty combinations and a vanilla shake with guinness, tequila, and chocolate flakes. very iesting. that does it for us at 5:00. thank you for joining us. see you at 6:00.
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world news is next. welcome to "world news." tonight outbreak, the tornados touching down as a major system moves across this country overnight. >> oh, my god! >> this evening the new storm warnings comes, nearly two dozen states in its path bringing whipping winds, rain and hail, our extreme weather team tracking it all. out of bounds, tonight the new nba investigation into the owner of the los angeles clippers. what he's accused of saying. >> yeah, it bothers me a lot. if you want to broadcast it with black people. >> and why magic johnson is lashing out. the massive fire that levels a families home in seconds, damaging homes throughout the entire neighborhood. what they suspect and what every family should look out for. race against time, out to break a record, the camera rolling, the stunning views, will he do it and what happens


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